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Cactos energy storage system changes the way you buy and use energy. It’s your insurance policy against future electricity pricing and supply uncertainties, all while cutting costs and carbon. It’s built using upcycled EV batteries, making it the most ecological option on the market. It manages and optimises a property’s energy consumption needs, without you having to lift a finger.

Starting point

Combining this ingenious innovation with the founders’ Finnish (admirably relentless) attitude, our task was simple: a brand identity they would proudly stand behind, that would make them famous worldwide, all while supporting sales by making the product and its benefits as easy to grasp as possible. The outcome sticks out in the otherwise techy and conventional category. From farmers to landlords, industrial behemoths to retirement homes, the it was to cater to basically whomever owns a property.


The identity – from logotype, 3D imagery and iconography to tonality and storytelling – is driven by a bold, stripped-down approach, cutting through noise to stand out, and to make the product approachable to a vast audience. The principle identity assets were driven by the product itself, using the hexagonal shape on the front air filter panel of the energy storage cell. This foundational form language were embedded into the finer details of the logotype and supporting graphical elements.


The new brand identity has helped the sales team approach a new set of potential clients and investors outside of Finland. The Cactos team – being a group of tech-first people – has somewhat struggled to explain the key product benefits to customers in a way that even their grandparents would understand (and make an immediate purchase). The clear tonality guidance and website/sales deck content, together with the supportive infographics and product imagery has made the team’s jobs easier than before. Tesla who?


2023 Red Dot Brand Design (Brand Identity)
2023 Red Dot Brand Design (Corporate Identity)


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2023 Red Dot Brand Design (Brand Identity)
2023 Red Dot Brand Design (Corporate Identity)

Straight outta Muhos.

Renewing the product imagery was essential in communicating the innovation to potential customers. The focused set of images offer high-quality assets, which can be used in a broad end use.

The colour world has roots in the foundational identity. The colours now have a electric brightness paired with a earthed base colour.

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“A cactus adapts to its environment, has a thick skin and is a master of storing water and nutrients. With a little Ancient Greek spin on the name, Cactos was born.”

Olli Nuutila, Co-founder, CMO, Cactos

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