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The Cactos website is one of the first implementations of the refreshed Cactos identity. We worked on aligning the purpose, content and visuality of the website with the goal of producing a clean and easy to understand entity.

Starting point

Our task was to elevate Cactos’ digital presence to convey a strong and internationally appealing contender in the industry, who still sticks out in the otherwise techy and conventional category.


Like the identity itself, the site is driven by a bold, stripped-down approach, cutting through noise to stand out, and to make the product approachable to a vast audience. Our goal was to optimise the path from interest to purchase, tackle commonly asked questions and elevate the site visuality and tonality to better embody the true core of the company.


The new brand identity with the website as one of its main implementations has helped the sales team approach a new set of potential clients and investors outside of Finland. The Cactos team – being a group of tech-first people – has somewhat struggled to explain the key product benefits to customers in a way that even their grandparents would understand (and make an immediate purchase). The clear tonality guidance and website/sales deck content, together with the supportive infographics and product imagery has made the team’s jobs easier than before. Tesla who?



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