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Kaupunkitilat website family is one of the first implementations of the new Kaupunkitilat identity system. A total of 8 websites went through a renewal of content and visuality, and resulted in Kaupunkitilat multisite; an entity with a more streamlined administration and content production.

Starting point

When designing the identity system, we recognized the need to create a website that was attractive, understandable and easy-to-manage. Through their sites, Kaupunkitilat needs to reach all their different stakeholders – customers looking for rental spaces and city residents who visit and enliven the spaces.


The task was to form an entity, that gathers the company brand and sub-brands under the same logic and structure, while both embodying and giving space to the characteristic of all the brands.




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The main levels of the website’s navigation structure and page templates are standardized, and follow the same systematic logic. All sites still live under their own domains and have their own visual identities. The standardised templates leave lots of room to explore and personalise each site’s identity and visuality in the future.

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The multisite brings together all B2B and B2C locations and facilities, and serves as a window to the events and versatile food culture taking place in them. 

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