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Brand identity for Muoto – a new wood-fibre-based 3D molded food-packaging innovation by Metsä. Muoto is a new molded fibre technology start-up launched in 2022 by Metsä’s innovation company.

Starting point

Muoto® is a new 3D molded packaging start-up launched in 2022 by Metsä’s innovation company. The new technology and factory, still in development, has the potential to turn Finnish wood-fibre into clean, sustainable packaging forms on a large industrial scale to challenge problem plastics. The brief was to create a name and visual identity for this new brand that would fit the companies connection to the forest combined with their bold mission to develop this new wood pulp-molding technology. All with the aim to use bio-based renewables to replace the problem of plastics and polluting packaging.


We felt that a disciplined yet uncomplicated approach with a robust and no-nonsense attitude would best match the kind of everyday, bulk products the company manufactures. The natural colour palette of soft greys and soil green suggest its sustainable objectives while the innovative technology required a bold contrast in colour and scale.

The logo mark is an embodiment of the brand, its traceable raw material (the tree), the stackable nature (the product) and its 3D molded technology. The identity aims to keep communication easy and to the point.



2023 D&AD Wooden Pencil (Brand Identity)


3D-modeling: Tomaszewicz
Studio Photography: Olli Häkkinen

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“Our aim was to create an identity that would match the rigid, utilitarian characteristics of the products, but with a heightened sense of technological precision.”

Anssi Arte, Lead designer

Muoto logo

The Muoto logo mark is an embodiment of the brand, its traceable raw material, the stackable nature of the products as well as its 3D molded technology.

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