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As the world suddenly slowed down and the pandemic took control of life as we used to know it, Finns like the rest of the world, were thrown into the unknown and forced to face a new kind of everyday life. The impact of the pandemic was enormous. All of our lives were affected in one way or another. To prepare the people of Finland and our society for healing, the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office (VNK) wanted to find a way of supporting Finns exhausted by COVID-19 while also documenting the extraordinary time and its effects on society.

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2022 Webby Awards Winner (Virtual & Remote: Health & Science)

2022 Webby Awards Winner (Virtual & Remote: Arts & Culture)

2022 Webby Awards Winner (People’s Voice Winner: Arts & Culture)

2022 GrandOne Winner (Best Service Design)

2022 GrandOne Winner (Best Online Service)

2022 GrandOne Honorary Mention (Best User Experience)

2022 GrandOne Honorary Mention (Best Use of Data)

2022 Vuoden Huiput Silver (Experimental Design)

2022 One Show Shortlist (Interactive, Social, Mobile)

2022 Clio Shortlist (Website)

2022 Golden Drum shortlist (Covid-19)

2022 Golden Drum shortlist (Health & Wellness)

2021 Vuoden Huiput Silver (Progress)


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