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As the agency responsible for the Metsä brand over the past ten years we were part of a collaborative project with their digital partners to create a new website experience to improve brand and online content sharing.

Starting point

Metsä, a renowned forestry brand, recognised the need to establish a compelling digital presence to showcase its commitment to sustainable forestry practices and connect with a broader audience. The starting point for this project was to bridge from Metsä's brand work and visual identity we had created and understand the evolving expectations of its stakeholders to convey Metsä's story and foster engagement.


It was evident that a modern and user-friendly website was needed that best fit their broad technical needs and would allow for future growth as content would develop. We adopted their brand identity into a thorough digital style guide and focused on creating a clean, modular design that elevated content with a robust and accessible format.


The launch of the new Metsä website has already begun to make a significant impact on the brand's digital presence and stakeholder engagement. Key outcomes include enhanced brand visibility, more user friendly production of content from sustainability to product information, and simple collaboration tools for partners. The new Metsä digital experience is a testament to both their heritage and their future, with a clear system for ongoing development.



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A style guide to steer development

Focused on a user-centric design, enriched multimedia content, seamless partnerships integration and responsive accessibility we created a singular guide to serve as the repository for all components and guidance, ensuring a cohesive and versatile representation of Metsä's brand in digital.

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