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Today, metal foundries produce around 70 million tons of waste sand each year. There is a way for foundries to recycle the vast majority of that; Resand and their novel technology have a solution. They approached us for a complete brand renewal to better match their mission to stop sand waste.

Starting point

The world is running out of sand, with billions of tons of sand being used and wasted each year. Foundries at the moment are only able to recycle a fraction of the sand they use, producing about 70 million tons of waste sand every year. The Finland-based company, formerly FinnRecycling, wanted to refresh everything.


The new name, Resand, was derived from their sand preservation and recycling service. We developed a brand story, tonality, and key messages to support their mission to reduce sand waste. The visual identity drew inspiration from their sand-reclaiming technology and the material itself. The logotype and design elements are intricately linked to Resand's machinery and sand-cleaning process. A modernist headline typeface features sand-like detailing, and the color palette represents the transformation from dark, used sand to a clearer shade, symbolizing the heat of the process.


The rebranded Resand has transformed from a modest recycling startup into a global foundry technology leader, setting them apart as a purpose-driven brand among conventional heavy industry players. Their launch led to a remarkable 50% organic increase in their social channels and ongoing connections with suitable partners worldwide. The brand materials provide them with a clear framework for maintaining consistency and messaging as they expand into new markets.



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Grounded in the technology

The identity drew inspiration from the technology itself. A colour palette represents the cleaning from dark to purer light sand, with an impactful molten orange accent. The form language for the interlocking brand mark is extracted from rotary elements within the sand reclaimer.

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Expanding the narrative

The bold mission and brand story were the springboard for much of the brand imagery, tonality and digital experience. We translated the environmental impact through messaging designed to ignite change. With new imagery we captured the story from wide views of beaches and the source problem, to details on-site at the foundry.

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“Working with the h&p team was inspiring, leading us through a truly collaborative and successful brand development journey.”

Kalle Härkki, CEO, Resand

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