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Property lifecycle management companies, such as Sustera, play an important role in creating a more sustainable future. They help us to maximise a property's lifespan through assessments, green building consulting, and project oversight, including design, management, and supervision. These services keep buildings in better shape, extend their lifespan, and minimise environmental impact – all while sustaining their value over time.

Starting point

Sustera, formerly Raksystems, expanded from Finland to Sweden while acquiring several companies, including KnowTek, EcoReal, and Green Building Partners. With an ambitious plan to triple turnover and enter multiple Central European markets, the company recognised the need for a new, cohesive brand identity and name. A renewal to reflect their commitment to a new, more sustainable era – mirroring their services and the buildings they look after.


Our work was guided by three core principles – robust, reflecting expertise; Nordic, to stay true to their Scandinavian origins and mindset; and effortless, to portray efficiency in everything they do. Rooted in these principles, we created a simple and functional identity that stands out from the competition while reinforcing internal unity, clarity, and purpose.

The complete rebranding included a new brand strategy, name, identity, guidelines for brand photography as well as website design. In addition, the world needed to know about the new company: we created a launch campaign that introduced Sustera to both the B2B audience and homeowners.




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Website UX/UI

A critical component of building the new Sustera brand identity was the responsibility of redesigning and aligning the user experiences and interfaces of Sustera websites for both Finnish and Swedish country organisations to form a more unified continuity across the brand.

Geolo update

GEOLO – a geothermal construction emission-saving product brand – was also modified as part of the brand identity renewal to better align with the new Sustera company brand architecture. The GEOLO logo and its essential application – the construction site container – were refined and systematised during the update.

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