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We made a profound brand renewal for Forum shopping centre from strategy to visual identity design. With the goal to refine and elevate the brand while reconnecting Forum to its unique Helsinki downtown location.

Starting point

Forum, being as central as it is, is both a physical landmark and an interconnected stream of pathways to a variety of services and shopping destinations. There was a need to refresh and modernise the brand, highlighting its history and taking ownership of the unique location.


We firstly established a strong sense of legacy and clarity through careful adjustments to their logo and supporting emblems and graphics. A more refined visual identity and graphic form language took inspiration directly from the streets and city blocks in their downtown area. Combined with rich, energetic colour combinations to portray the movement and dynamic nature of shopping and daily life.


The more coherent brand direction and clear identity system steered the Forum brand towards their goal of re-establishing themselves as the number one destination in downtown. A renewed sense of quality in the brand has helped them nurture new partners, attract more store tenants and continues to drive business growth.



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The roll out

Our collaboration with Forum began with the re-positioning of the brand but became actionable and visible to the public through bold branding throughout the location. New brand imagery and video content shot in and around the location added a new energy to the branding.

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Holistic guidance

The new visual identity system is documented in a guideline designed to both steer and inspire. It includes crests and symbols to reinforce the legacy, specifications on element composition, and guidelines on combining colours and graphic shapes, all with the aim of being purposeful and clear. Examples from user interface design, communication, and signage serve to inspire and guide the brand’s future.

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