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We got the whole of Finland to see red by directing our campaign to other Liiga cities by claiming that, in our hearts, we are all red – especially fans who support other teams. We actually made them our campaign’s brand ambassadors, and thanks to them, the campaign went viral. Our fans loved it setting a new record for the league's attendance average.

Starting point

In Finland, no hockey team evokes more emotions than IFK Helsinki. A little rivalry is part of hockey, and that’s why we wanted to remind everyone who’s who just before the start of the season.


We knew that the more IFK Helsinki evokes emotions in other teams' fans, the more our fans love it. That was the thing we wanted to maximize. With a little deception, we got fans of other teams to believe that it was an ad for their favorite team. And when the truth was revealed that we claimed IFK Helsinki is their hometown’s number one team, we literally got them seeing red everywhere.


The campaign went viral on TikTok: Around a half million views, fifteen thousand likes, over five thousand shares, and over 600 comments with zero media spend. A new record for the league’s attendance average. 9% increase in season pass holders.


2023 Effie Silver (Media Innovation)


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2023 Effie Silver (Media Innovation)

The rest of Finland

Claiming that IFK Helsinki is the number one team in other league cities is great, but doing it in their own dialects is even better.

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Thanks to fans of other teams, our campaign went viral on TikTok with zero media spend.

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