Life is a mess. Lempi cleans it up


Creative Planning

How to create attractive and distinctive advertising for cleaning services? By offering a compelling reason to use them, of course.

Starting point

Awareness and utilization of home cleaning services are low in Finland, but there is potential and latent demand.

"65% of all Finns and 41% of those who have used a cleaning service cannot name a single cleaning company. Only 14% have used their services, even though 38% are interested."
- Lempi brand tracking 10/2022, Salmi Systems Oy

We believed that through distinctive, fun and creative marketing, it was possible to raise awareness, differentiate ourselves from a wide range of competitors, and tap into the latent demand.


There's nothing particularly interesting about cleaning as a technical performance. What's fascinating are the emotions evoked by cleaning, cleaning habits, or agreements on cleaning. These are the most common causes of family disputes in Finland, although they shouldn't be. Therefore, we focused purely on the emotional benefits of using a cleaning service. When you leave the cleaning of your home to professionals, life itself becomes neater.


The advertising was remarkably well received and effective. Despite inflation and the economic slowdown caused by rising interest rates,  Lempi managed to increase its turnover by 23% in 2023 through marketing and aquisitions.


2022 Vuoden Huiput Silver (Moving image)


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2022 Vuoden Huiput Silver (Moving image)

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