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Growth-friendly offering and organisation

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Transformation Programs

Knowit Solutions’ offering and organisation were designed for growth, helping Knowit to grow profitably ahead of the industry.

Starting point

The new strategy of Knowit Solutions, a provider of digital business solutions, highlighted the importance of customer value and understanding the customer's business. The full Knowit Solutions offering was not easily visible and purchasable to the customer, as the sales force was focused and capable in only one area of expertise. The structure of the offering reflected the competencies as well as the organisation of Knowit Solutions.


The offering was updated to be customer-centric and needs-driven, highlighting the strengths of Knowit. The organisational model was shaped to match customers' industries. The role of the partner was to facilitate the design of the new offering and organisation and to support the implementation of the change.


Despite the challenging situation in the market, Knowit has been able to grow profitably ahead of the industry. New offerings have been introduced to existing customers and day-to-day work around customers has become easier.



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"What distinguishes the best partners is that, in addition to effective facilitation, they provide us with an insight based on experience and data that helps us make better decisions than if we tried to do it alone. With Hasan & Partners, the equation worked exactly as it should."

Juha Markkanen, CEO, Knowit Solutions

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