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Brand Strategy, to unify the culture and to provide focus on employee experience, was created for Humana care company.

Starting point

Humana is a leading Nordic care company that offers individual and family care services, personal assistance, elderly care and special services housing. The Swedish-owned company had gained in Finland through acquisitions. The task was to bring the companies together, create a common Humana culture and become the most attractive employer of the industry.


Professionals of Humana work in a diverse network where the payer of the service (the public sector) is different from the target of the service (the user-customers). In addition, decisions are influenced by a wide range of stakeholders, including the relatives of the user-clients. Therefore, management can’t be top-down dictating, but must be based on the joint creation of principles and frameworks, with the involvement and commitment of staff.

To clarify the brand strategy, we conducted extensive interviews from different departments and organizational levels, as well as with customers from different types of organizations. A shared vision was created and crystallized through internal workshops. Through this, we identified the key elements influencing both the customer experience and employee experience in the industry. Furthermore, we used a quantitative study to weight these elements: How important different experience elements were perceived by different groups of staff and customers, different departments and teams.


Inspiring and shared vision was created to unify and to bring the Humana people together. The following steps were to align the management and measuring model to support the change journey.



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"This collaboration generated us a shared vision, based also on extensive research. At the same time, the way of working increased our commitment from the very beginning of the project. An inspiring sense of purpose binds people together!”

Anu Kallio, CEO, Humana

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