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Our freedom to move comes with a downside: road transportation accounts for a significant amount of CO2 emissions. To meet the goals set to reduce traffic related emissions, more efficient driving was necessary. To inspire immediate change, the strategy highlighted actions with direct impact: route selection, driving style and emotions behind the wheel. Three integrated campaigns over three years reached 170 million in media, convincing Finns and the global audiences to revolutionise driving.

Starting point

Neste, producer of renewable fuels and solutions, wanted to reduce traffic emissions. With an extensive fuelling network in Finland, their customers are drivers—people who spend time behind the wheel. This also makes Neste accountable, and a strategy was needed to act on their brand promise – Leaving a healthier planet for our children.


To show that change can happen now, the CO2 Friendly platform was created from the insight that more efficient driving would mean less emissions. The key objective: create awareness how anyone can cut traffic related emissions today. Second objective: enforce Neste as a global leader in renewable fuels and solutions by acting on the brand promise.


Convincing people of all ages to drive more environmentally friendly, the campaigns successfully reached over 170 million in earned media, across 150 outlets. Most importantly, people acted – 59% of Finns said they changed their driving style, while the average speed on the highway dropped by 2.3%.


2021 LIA bronze (Creative Use of Data: Data Collection & Research)
2021 LIA bronze (Creative Use of Data: Data Integration)
2021 Cannes Lions Shortlist
2021 Cannes Lions Shortlist
2021 Cresta Gold (Creative
2021 Cresta Silver (The Future)
2021 Cresta Silver (Brand Purpose)
2021 Cresta Silver (Creative Technology)
2021 Cresta Bronze (The #OMG Award)
2021 Eurobest bronze (Research Data & Analytics)
2020 Clio Silver (Public Relations)
2020 New York Festivals bronze
2020 Gerety Awards Silver (Work for Good)
2020 Grand One Grand Prix
2020 Grand One Winner (Best use of data)
2020 Clio Shortlist (Creative Use of Data)
2021 LIA shortlist (Creative Use of Data: Data-Led Creativity)
2021 Sabre Awards Winner
2021 European Excellence Awards Winner
2021 Golden Drum shortlist


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“It’s great when people work to make driving enjoyable for others too, hopefully many will take tips from this for their own driving skills”

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