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Every Finn remembers Niksi-Pirkka as more or less useful tips and tricks. It has become the synonym for life hacks and has been living in Pirkka magazine since 1974. Niksi-Pirkka has been much loved but unfortunately not so well known, especially among younger people as they are consuming more digital content.

Starting point

K-group wanted to relaunch Niksi-Pirkka on TikTok to reach the younger target group.

Our task was to refresh the old print concept for a demanding target group and platform: getting young people’s attention on TikTok as a brand is highly ambitious and demanding.

How to speak to Gen Z in an authentic way on this fast-paced platform as a brand?


Instead of looking like brand advertising, we wanted to create an approachable and sympathetic TikTok personality that people want to follow and interact with. Building an active, growing community was our main goal in addition to efficient advertising.

Rallienglanti aka rally English is part of our national identity. Every Finn can relate to it as we’re at the same time embarrassed and proud of our unique way of speaking English.

The TikTok concept was built around an anonymous Pirkka Hacks guy who shares the best hacks by showing them and introducing them as humorous pieces of content. The tonality embraces the stereotypical and celebrated Finnish character - straightforward and a bit awkward.


Our vision of the best possible result was to be welcomed to the finnish TikTok space as a member, rather than a distant brand.

In six months we were also able to build up an active community of 12 000 people, who adopted our way of speaking the rally English and showed their love with 185k likes, 7k comments and 7k shares.


2023 GrandOne Winner (Best Digital Ad)
2023 GrandOne Winner (Best Content Marketing)
2023 GrandOne Honorary Mention (Best Results)
2023 Grand One Honorary Mention (Best Social Media Presence)


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